Frequently asked questions

Must I be present during the estimate?

 We require home owners/ project managers to be present during estimate to fully understand the extent of the project. Although a project may seem simple, the estimator may point out some items that must be clarified. Standard estimates do not take much time, normally they are about 10-15 minutes.  

Why is green growth removal important?

 Green growth removal is very important! We ask customers to provide us with three feet of clearance from each side of the fence line. This gives us just enough space to work on your fence. If green growth removal is needed, it will be noted on your proposal. This must be cleared prior to project start date.  

When is payment due?

Payment is due upon job completion. 

Can I customize a project with my own ideas?

We can help make your ideas into reality!

We are open to receiving any input towards your project. Feel free to share some photos with us as well, and we can work with it!


What Redwood do we use?

Con -Com

 Con-common wood comes from the outer part of the tree, and contains a mixture of white, and red color, also known as SAP wood.



This wood is made up of the center of the redwood tree. 

The wood contains a rich red color.

What are my lattice options?

Square Lattice

Diagonal Privacy Lattice

Diagonal Lattice

Piano Lattice with Arch

Also available with no arch

What board styles can I choose from?

Closet Louver

Board On Board

please see con com/con hart page for more examples

Nail On

Dog Ear


Picket Fence

What do you work around during installation?

#1 Box Cut-Out

We work around poles, and trees if it is needed. These pictures show how we adjusted the fence lines.

If you have questions regarding a certain area, please let the estimator know, and we will evaluate  your situation. 


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